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Customer Referral

The Magna team was an exceptional partner to have for our projects. Not only was the pricing competitive, but the lead times were favorable. When we had rushed projects, the Magna team did all they possibly could to pull in the delivery date. For example, they would work extra shifts or purpose a more efficient design for us to consider.

While the quality of work and delivery were great, it’s their project management that will set them apart. The team is extremely collaborative, transparent, and acts with urgency. Communication was never an issue as the team always quickly responded and communicated proactively. It’s easy to conclude they put the customer first.

In all of my experience working with various suppliers, the Magna team sets the bar high for best practices. They can handle the challenges of any project that comes their way.


Customer Referral

In 2014, I was growing concerned that a large machine shop providing product to my facility in southern Indiana was about to go out of business, so I reached out to Magna to start the quoting process. We worked with Magna’s subcontractors, who I had a relationship with prior to my experience with Magna, to make the project we worked on very smooth as large ramp ups go, given the number of products involved.

I found the entire team at Magna very open and very willing to bend over backwards to make everything work smoothly. My products helped Magna, which had primarily been a job shop, into a regular production environment. They purchased fabrications and castings, from .3 meters up to 7.5 meters in length, machined and painted those items, installed linear rails and gear racks that they purchased under my contracts, and delivered product daily to my facility outside of Louisville KY. That facility was assembling 2 complete waterjets every day, 4-5 days per week so having someone who was on top of things helped ease my mind when it came to knowing that I would be able to build machines each day. Magna was very good about being able to handle our schedule reshuffles as our customer requirements changed.

They reached out to me as soon as they saw any issue coming down the line so that we had time to develop a plan to mitigate any problems and ensure continued production at my facility. Products that Magna machined for my facility in Indiana had very tight tolerances (.05 across the entire length of the 7.5-meter fabrication). They are very capable of hitting very tight tolerances. Delivery issues were few and far between and driven primarily by schedule changes at my facility and the occasional snow/sleet/freezing rain event that stopped everyone from their tasks.

I can’t speak highly enough of the entire Magna team, and the support that they provided me and my team for the time that I worked with Magna.

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Magna Machine Company maintains excellence by providing quality production, personalized service, on-time delivery and a commitment to continuous improvement.

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  • Excellence
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  • Eliminate Waste
  • Improve Customer Value
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